FORT <3′s DARLING AND THE FEELING’S MUTUAL   08 - 09 - 2014 11:31:39 AM

Screen shot 2014-07-16 at 9.45.46 AM
Screen shot 2014-07-16 at 9.45.26 AM
Screen shot 2014-07-16 at 9.46.45 AM

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30 creatives and professionals alike gathered at FORT to discuss how to best create a platform where creatives could cross pollenate with ease.  Willow and Niche cooked up a delicious feast.  Good peeps.  Good food.  Good stuff.  FORTgoods.  



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Wooden Wonders Workshop   03 - 13 - 2014 12:16:50 AM

Ever wonder what to do with scraps of scrap wood?  Last month we put them to good use by making necklaces and earrings from the little bits we had left over.  We were really inspired by all of the unique designs created in our WORKSHOP Wooden Wonders!  It was incredible how each person came up with a distinct vision and just went for it.  We had to offer one of the workshoppers a place to stay the night after working on her piece an hour after the workshop ended;).  A special thanks to Emma Holland Denvir for coming into FORT and sharing her craft with us.  Sign up for this month's WORKSHOP at http://captivatingcandles.eventbrite.com/ 

A collection of these wooden shapes were chosen  by each participant to combine into an arrangement for each design. 

Once they had the pieces the sanding and drilling began.

Emma taught us how to wire and string the piece.

 photo cred: Sarah Shreves

Find Emma's work and designs at emmahollanddenvir.com


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Talkin’ about ‘blurred lines’…Angelica Garcia   08 - 09 - 2013 4:59:08 PM

Pictures of blurred pictures.  Done magnificently by Venezuelan artist Angelica Garcia.


(via https://angelicagarcia.see.me/)

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Just stunning.

Ceramic, resin, plaster, transfer-print.  32 objects.  Eagle Gallery, London

 (via thisiscolossal.com)

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FORT <3′s MUSKWOOD!!!   07 - 03 - 2013 12:52:55 AM

Gotta love the Aussies.  'Muskwood is a boutique print design company, which translates delicately hand drawn sketches into unique wallpaper and textiles.  With a desire to create inspiring interiors that reflect a sense of freedom and originality, a rich collection of evocative prints are released every four months, which are available on the Muskwood website.'


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FORT <3′s Bunch Magazine   06 - 23 - 2013 3:26:24 PM


Bunch Magazine is not your run of the mill, glossy pictured, way to pass the time.  Bunch curates a wide variety of creative types into a collection for to each of us.  They permeate  "different social circles, bridge the gap through a shared experience, and provide a perfect snapshot of everyone's individual stories."  Here are issue one and two.  Issue three features yours truly.   

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I LOVE LUCY (D. that is)   06 - 16 - 2013 10:34:50 PM

Designstudio Lucy.D. Barbara Ambrosz und Karin Santorso, Designbüro in 2003 in Wien/Österreich gegründet. Udine/Italien und Linz/Österreich. Schwerpunkte Produktdesign, Industriedesign, Möbeldesign, Innenarchitektur, Corporate Design, Packaging


Vintage china given a fresh breath of modern life with a metallic overlay.  So smart that Lucy.  So smart. 


via http://www.lucyd.com/lucyd-collection-ryker.html

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Get in line!   05 - 28 - 2013 4:01:44 PM

Interestingly enough our eyes are trained to follow lines.  Food for thought:  What does that mean for design and how it is used to guide us though the world we live in?

via  http://www.archdaily.com/222396/social-services-center-dosmasuno-arquitectos/1201-dosmasuno-css-mostoles-033/

via http://www.thefancy.com/things/260693995/K-Workstation-by-MisoSoupDesign

via http://www.designboom.com/art/grass-carpet-winds-through-a-french-village/

via http://www.yatzer.com/The-Exchange-Amsterdam 

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Brotha from anotha motha: Chuck Routhier   05 - 20 - 2013 9:38:43 PM


Love this toilet plunger (plunger new, not used, eww) lamp.  Cool stuff.  Moving blanket bags?  FORT <3's this inventive approach.  


via http://chuckrouthier.com/

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Hengki Koentjoro and Underwater Stills   05 - 17 - 2013 8:35:24 AM

These black and white underwater photo's evoke a calm sense of adventure.  Taken in and around Jakarta, Indonesia by Hengki Koentjoro.


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FORT <3′s RIMANKU!   05 - 10 - 2013 2:09:43 PM

Rimanku textile at FORT now:). These beautifully hand-woven Peruvian piece can be used as a bed/floor spread or displayed as a tapestry. These textiles are crafted from a blend of llama and alpaca wool that is hand-spun/hand-dyed using only natural materials.


via rimanku.com

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‘GET UP ON THAT PAPER’   04 - 25 - 2013 12:04:26 PM

No wonder everyone is tryna 'get up on that paper'.  LOOK what you can do with it!  Each of these items (including this paper wallet) is handcrafted with various grades and shades of paper by Los Angeles-based artist Vincent Tomczyk.  His solo show debuts on May 4th, 2013 at Gallery 825.  See you there:).

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Salone del mobile 2013   04 - 14 - 2013 7:33:04 PM

A couple favorites from the furniture fair held in Milan.  Looks like a few well known fashion phenoms are gettin' in on the furniture game and we are happy to see so.  

Below Louis Vuitton's foldables are a beautiful play on their unmistakable luggage and Hermes' wallpapers and upholstery.  

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FORT <3′s EAST LONDON FURNITURE CO.   01 - 31 - 2013 5:10:17 PM

In an age where everything is 'green', eco friendly, and recycled, we at FORT tip our hats to LONDON FURNITURE CO.  They go beyond the normal reclaimed timber yards and sustainable/renewable resources.  All materials used are salvaged from waste, meaning that most materials used in the products have been diverted from landfill.  Kudos.


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Richard Feynman. Alive and Well.   01 - 01 - 2013 10:11:39 PM

Richard Feynman - Ode To A Flower from Fraser Davidson on Vimeo.

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let there be light.   12 - 26 - 2012 1:20:49 PM


The Work Lamp LJ.  91 pieces of 24 carat gold plated Work lamps complete with individual dimmers. 'We wanted to use the typology of something that was considered greasy and make it beautiful."


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four calling birds, three french hens.   12 - 16 - 2012 7:45:55 PM

(via http://jedenov.com/Flock-of-Swallows)

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melbourne magnality   12 - 09 - 2012 8:35:21 PM

she comes to us from down under.  


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Faig Ahmed: Thread installation.   12 - 03 - 2012 12:20:06 AM



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Stephen Shaheen   11 - 27 - 2012 12:06:57 PM

This Brooklyn-based artist breaks through the confines defined by prospective fields of art, design, and architecture as he repurposes found objects, marble, and recycled denim fiber.

(via http://stephenshaheen.com/showcase/)

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Jason Koharik   11 - 15 - 2012 3:57:28 AM

It doesn't get much better than Jason.

(via collectedby.com)

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Be there.   11 - 02 - 2012 11:39:20 PM

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Fall is here. Cut-Away Leaf Art by Lorenzo Durán   10 - 15 - 2012 2:20:23 PM


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Computer Components   09 - 23 - 2012 8:23:13 AM


leonardo ulian makes you fall in love with 'computer geeks'.


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FORT <3′s Cotton and Flax   09 - 08 - 2012 11:49:00 PM

New patterns out later this month.

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Brecce Lamps   08 - 20 - 2012 8:53:37 AM


Designer Marco Stefanelli combined scrap materials, resin, and LEDs to produce some lovely organic lighting.

(via theaswesomer.com)

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“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” ―Da Vinci   07 - 25 - 2012 4:37:39 PM


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mirror, mirror, on the floor…   07 - 06 - 2012 10:25:48 PM

SHAPES- a series of geometric shaped mirrors created by the Belgian Sylvain Willenz.  



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the coolest thing i saw last weekend.   06 - 27 - 2012 6:19:08 PM

Days were filled with walking up and down the aisles of the Dwell on Design Conference.  And sure, there were neat doodads like the smoke screen machine that would allow you to holograph your very own reincarnate of Tupac, but better yet, there was an introduction to The Senior Design Factory.  http://www.senior-design.ch/313-0-Senior+Design+Factory.html (will need to click translation).  What these crazy Swiss kids got going on is a way to bring the youth and elderly together exchanging experience and vigor to jointly produce some pretty awesome creative projects.  Makes you want to stop by your local senior home huh?  ;)

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woodwork. the link between a an old school father and his new aged daughter.   06 - 24 - 2012 10:04:12 AM




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As If From Nowhere by Orla Reynolds   06 - 21 - 2012 1:40:35 PM

 Super minimalist.  Super functional.  Super smart.

Orla Reynolds, inspired by all the set changes from her ballerina days, has brought to us an ingenious way of creating new spaces at a moments notice.  Tables and chairs can be tucked away for a quiet night and pulled out for a party.  So awesome.

(via psfk)

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Lucas Maassen & Sons Furniture Factory   06 - 14 - 2012 9:35:40 AM

Thijme (9), Julian (7) and Maris (7) sons of Lucas Maassen, a Dutch designer, have a pretty cool after school job.  They are employed to paint the furniture hand built in their father's factory. Their contract states that they are paid 1 Euro per piece of furniture painted and are limited to a 3 hour work week due to Dutch child labour laws. With so many chairs to get through in so little time, the boys tend to paint pretty fast giving the final aesthetic an honest childlike approach to 'finishing touches'.  Needless to say, FORT is now open to the idea of adoption;).

images by Mike Roelofs.

(via b3designers.co.uk)


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Chair Farm by Werner Aisslinger at Ventura Lambrate   06 - 10 - 2012 10:05:03 PM


This chair from Aisslinger grows inside a metal mold until fully matured.  Once it fills the shape of the mold it is released, giving way to a whole new way of producing furniture.  Cool stuff.  

(via dezeen)

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The Shed- Hufft Projects   05 - 25 - 2012 9:00:35 PM

Architect: Hufft Projects
Location: Missouri, Principal in charge: Matthew Hufft
Design Team: Adam Crowley, Dan Brown
Lighting: Lightworks
Consultant: Herman & Associates
Area: 500 sq.ft.
Completion: 2010
Photographs: Mike Sinclair


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Margaret Howell 2012 Home Products   05 - 25 - 2012 8:36:27 PM

British clothing designer Margaret Howell renewed her seasonal offering with a tasteful selection of home goods.


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Street origami: Rainbow by MADEMOISELLE MAURICE   05 - 25 - 2012 3:03:33 PM


(via http://www.mademoisellemaurice.com/en/creations/rainbow/)


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do you see what i see?   05 - 22 - 2012 10:08:14 PM

 sticks, school tile, and another hill to climb.






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Deborah Sussman   05 - 20 - 2012 10:42:46 PM

Had the pleasure of meeting her the other day. Living history. Here Deborah speaks of her time with Charles and Ray Eames and her work as a designer.

video platformvideo managementvideo solutionsvideo player

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Installation by Rashad Alakbarov   05 - 15 - 2012 11:42:34 PM

Rashad Alakbarov from Azerbaijan suspends found materials to create light and shadow.

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Baptiste Debombourg by Aérial   05 - 08 - 2012 12:48:35 PM

All images © Krupic Kersting Galerie 

Via: Colossal

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typographic knife installation by Farhad Moshiri   05 - 06 - 2012 1:31:08 PM

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Modern Art & Design Auction   05 - 04 - 2012 12:44:15 AM

Los Angeles Modern Auctions
May 6, 2012 12pm 

This Sunday May 6, 2012 at 12 p.m. LAMA's Modern Art & Design Auction will be held at their Van Nuys Warehouse.  

More info and pictures here. 

(Via youhavebeenheresometime.blogspot.com)

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Oscar Andersson: Climbing Rope Chair   05 - 03 - 2012 8:12:39 PM

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Bed (2009) by Toshi Takeuchi   04 - 29 - 2012 6:08:47 PM

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Design Week in Milan   04 - 26 - 2012 9:20:23 PM

My friend Ryan La Com is interning at Mercedes-Benz Advanced Design Studio in Como, Italy. He sent me these pictures from design week in Milan.

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Christian Astuguevieille   04 - 24 - 2012 12:34:18 AM

Christian Astuguevieille at Franziska Kessler.




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Moving Blanket   04 - 22 - 2012 10:25:06 PM

Kenji Kawasumi from Central Saint Martins used moving blanket.



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Flowers   04 - 22 - 2012 10:18:28 PM

From Jil Sander Fall/Winter 2012 show.


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Apartamento from Barcelona   04 - 22 - 2012 9:39:15 PM

Another beautiful magazine from Barcelona- Apartamento.

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Gasoline Surf   04 - 21 - 2012 5:40:41 PM

Gasoline Surf is a blog curated by Scott West, a graphic designer at Commune. All beautiful images of Californian, mid-century architecture, Ed Ruscha, Steve McQueen, surf, and naked ladies.

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The Plant Journal from Barcelona   04 - 19 - 2012 10:21:53 AM

Cris Merino, Isa Merino and Carol Montpart are the directorial team behind The Plant Journal, a biannual magazine based in Barcelona, Spain. The Plant Journal’s editorial statement describes the publication as:

Besides providing botanical contents in a simple, personal and cozy way, The Plant Journal offers to plant lovers a new look on greenery by featuring the works of creative people who also love plants. As a curious observer of ordinary plants and other greenery, the magazine presents a monographic on a specific plant and brings together photographers, illustrators, designers, musicians, writers and visual artists, both established and emerging, from all over the world, to share with The Plant Journal their perceptions and experiences around plants.


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“Chairs”, 2001 by Robert Morris   04 - 19 - 2012 1:28:14 AM

Chairs, 2001
Wood, lead and audio
Robert Morris at Spruth Magers.

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From Marni’s Anticamera #02   04 - 18 - 2012 6:17:28 AM

Anticamera is Marni's quarterly online magazine directed by Carolina Castiglioni.

20 colors, 7 models and 21 variations for 80 chairs, 10 deckchairs and 10 tables - these are the figures of the Marni project for the 2012 Salone del Mobile (Milan Furniture Fair). Chairs and tables made in limited series and sold exclusively in the Marni Boutique at Via della Spiga 50 during the fifty-first edition of the Milan design week.

All products are handmade by Colombian craftsmen using salvaged materials: concrete reinforcing bars for the structure and colored plastic pipes for the seats and backrests. The colors and color combinations were chosen by the Marni team.

More at marni-anticamera.com


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Young Fort   04 - 12 - 2012 2:29:11 AM

What is it about children that allows for them to see the potential in things most adults would thrown out?  Kids have an incredibly instinctive gravitation towards recycling.  They use their imaginations to turn cardboard boxes into spaceships and Styrofoam balls into snow.  My friend Nirvan found and filmed this awesome kid named Caine.  See what he did with his father's scraps.

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THE LOFT! FORT’s new home.   03 - 27 - 2012 2:28:44 AM

 Fort moved downtown! Yay!  Here we go! 

Email us with ideas for the new 1600 square foot showroom!


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i’ll miss you   02 - 26 - 2012 11:06:52 PM


At 1:42 pm yesterday (in a moment I didn't find odd at the time) I was woefully hugging a chair.  It had just been purchased by a woman who needed it to complete the feng shui-ness of her bedroom.  Apparently she needed this particular chair in order to bring a man into her life. You know, to balance out her femininity with a bold chair so that masculine energy would feel at home with these surroundings.  Hmmmmm…. anywho, I had never had it in my home but I did love having the option to do so at a whim:(  Its high back and bright color make me happy.  Good-bye to you chair, you golden fountain of joy


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SAM MALOOF 1916-2009   08 - 20 - 2011 3:47:40 AM

if you have some time, spend a day at the Huntington Library Sam Maloof exhibit on display until 01/30/12.  it is extraordinary to see so many of his pieces together at once and to sit in one of his chairs (they have for you) is to know good design.  crafted from hardwood and with signature pointy endings, although beautiful, Maloof's pieces rarely scream comfort to the eye.  once in them however, the lines contour to your body's every need and the stress it carries, is relieved as if in the arms of the best masseuse! Maloof was a California native, born one of nine to Lebanese immigrants.  self-taught, even in the height of his career, Maloof always humbly held the title of woodworker on his card. his handmade furniture now is displayed in many of the major museums across the nation. in his early years he out of necessity designed and built most of his home and furniture using salvaged materials.  this experience is what gave way and led to his cherished career.

2 thoughts on “SAM MALOOF 1916-2009

  1. Joan Martinez says:

    i saw it. it is super cool. i really liked the chair with the rope. i am going to try making one!

  2. Hey Joan! Let us know how your chair goes! FORT is looking to feature local furniture artists! You may be next!;)

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Hi again, this is another article   08 - 19 - 2011 8:45:26 AM

look who’s welding;)    

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